Thanks for you interest in wanting to play the Benbow Room.


We love bands.  Many of us play in bands.  We book a wide range of groups -- rock, punk, country, blues, reggae, Irish, world music, folk, Americana, hip-hop, and all the various permutations and subsets.  We don't even have to like or understand you.  We just need to know you wanna put on a great show and deserve the change.


Because we play in bands, we know the drill.




We have bands Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Three bands a night.  Bands receive 100% of the door.  We generally charge $3 to $6 a night, but you and the other bands on the bill are welcome to set your own price.  We ask that bands keep the tickets high enough to earn a living, and low enough for everyone to get in the door.


The capacity of the Benbow Room is 150.  We have a newly-installed PA system and a team of established sound engineers.  We're also installing new lighting.


Ian Hill does the booking at the Benbow.  Contact him with the form below.  If you need to reach Ian by phone, the number is (206) 268-0272.




We want to book you.  But we can't book everyone.  Give us your best shot.  Use the form below to send us your contact information (including a phone number for the person handling your bookings, whether an agent, manager, friend or someone in the band), the best website for us to learn about you and hear your music, and anything else you want us to know.


If you have an entire bill you want us to book, let us know -- we'll need websites for all the bands you're suggesting.


We generally book six to eight weeks in advance.  If you're an out-of-town band and are coming through Seattle on very specific dates, let us know.   If you're  out-of-towners and have a local band you'd like to team with, let us know.




If we decided to offer you a gig, you'll need to send us a vector graphic of your band's logo so that we can use it for our posters.  Our design staff creates top-notch posters.  When the bill is booked and the posters are finished, we'll

e-mail you a PDF and a high-resolution JPG for you to advertise with.


We'll promote the show via advertisements in the local papers and local posters in the West Seattle area, particularly in the Admiral Junction, our home district.  We'll send out invites through our Facebook page.  We strongly encourage you to use all of your internet resources, including your own Facebook invites.




Load-in for an 8pm gig is 6:30.  For a 9pm gig, load-in is at 7:00.  The opening act will be the sound-check band, with following acts receiving a line-check.  If you need to make special arrangements, please let us know well in advance.


We'll work closely with you to make the show great.  As such, please avoid star trips, tantrums, thinking you're God's Own Band and most of all, being late.  Our staff and sound people are top-flight, fair and courteous.  Meet us halfway and we'll have a great show.

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